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Winters are never boring again! Seasonopener at ZANDVOORT 30st of september 2007
Jeroen Bleekemolen is set to defend the Orange team during the 2007/2008 season. This time with rookie and reserve driver Arie Luyendijk jr.
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LeMans Series
The 1.000 km races....
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A.C.O. (LeMans)
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van Merksteijn Racing by equipe Verschuur
2008 can become the year for Van Merksteijn Racing (by Equipe Verschuur) who, together with Jos Verstappen, Jeroen Bleekemolen and Peter van Merksteijn, will take part in the LMS series in the Porsche RS Spyder.
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Rotterdam Racing Bavaria City Racing
MONACO aan de MAAS (Bavaria City Racing)on sunday august 17th 2008 is a full demonstration and parade of international motorsport, race-cars and drivers from the highest levels of racesport.

More details to follow
(2007 edition counted over 500.000 race enthousiasts !)
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All the equipment we use........ Nikon! D2X cameras and the right glassware in front of it brings you
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Pepper Interactive
Pepper: powering and helping us to do our job in a convenient and efficient way. They'll be more than pleased to help you as well...
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We use to send unlimited attatchments around the globe to our customers.
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Christijan Albers
DTM-victories are just history, the roof is gone and the final goal(?) is achieved...where is the level of competence for Chris in F1?
SPYKER F1 could do good to the Dutch and international fans in 2007 !
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Tom Coronel
Not yet a Le Mans legend but for sure a regular and driving about anything with four wheels during the year with lots of Tommysan!
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Robert Doornbos
Dutchies are conquering F1 and Robert is one of'em. He swept away his competition on a sockingwet Spa in F3000 and slowly but steady working his way up.... As a successor in the USA CC series we expect him to continue CC for the 2008 season.
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Giedo van der Garde
Giedo van der Garde is one of the youngest amoung our racedrivers. As a testdriver for Spyker F1 and now Force India F1, Giedo is looking for his first chance to drive races in formula one. We'll keep you informed.
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Jan Lammers / Racing for Holland
Motorsport-tradition in Holland. The team of Jan Lammers makes what seem impossible, come true and defeat their competitors once a year at Le Mans. Unfortunately no entry for RfH at LeMans in 2008. Jan will race in the lmes series in a Porsche RS spyder for team HORAG.
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Jos Verstappen
The best F1-driver Holland ever far, and still the driver with the largest fanbase of them all. What's next for Jos is a chalenge in the LMS series with Van Merksteijn Racing (by Equipe Verschuur)as well as the legendary 24hrs of LeMans in the fantastic Porsche RS Spider in 2008!
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A1GP, DTM, Formule 1 en natuurlijk de Nederlandse Autosport!
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Speed & Design
Speed & Design: The largest & hottest annual Dutch autoshow
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Our professional supplier of all clothing, perfectly equipped with embrodery.
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